Re: The lady doth protest too much

(Re: The lady doth protest too much)

I am not sure what definition of ‘expansion’ Professor Sikka gives to his students, but even using the highly selective figures on which he has chosen to base his case, these new ACCA members resulted in a 29% expansion of our UK membership – an average annual rate of 8.8%.

The OFT’s recent review drew attention to the declining growth in membership of ICAEW – less than 1% per year between 1981 and 1999. ACCA has simply pointed out that these statistics are not representative of the UK accountancy profession. During the same period, for example, ACCA grew from 24,000 to 80,000 members and many chartered firms – large and small – now choose to train students for the ACCA qualification.

Anthea L Rose
Chief executive
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

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