More dope data needed

(Re: TS: The dope on finance directors, The Big Question: FDs admit to cannabis)

I would love to hear what an expert would have to say on how much the governmentcould possibly make on taxing cannabis. I wonder if users would be keen tohand over supply to the government when they realise that prices may go upas a result?

Please try to find an expert who is willing to do the job. Of course it would be a difficult job defining how much money the government could make in real terms since some companies (most probably US ones) may decide to stop investment in the UK as a result of a change in government policy on drugs. Also something pretty unquantifiable is the cost on the health service due to raised cases of cancer. As little study has been allowed into the long term effects of drug taking in this country, finding accurate or reliable data will be a very difficult task.

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