Leader: The Power to make an early call

The institutes are content to allow the AADB to investigate cases they
believe are of public interest, but they don’t trust it enough to make its own
judgments about possible investigations from an early stage.

If the AADB is to take cases to court it needs to be able to take its own
view on possible evidence, witnesses, documentation and other essential
ingredients that all contribute to successful prosecutions.

It seems to be a basic power, which many investigative bodies possess, to
conduct preliminary enquiries so they know what they are getting themselves
involved in and can commit the requisite resources to the case.

The power to conduct preliminary investigations seems like a natural fit for
the body.

In successfully frustrating the AADBÕs requests, the institutes have perhaps
safeguarded their relevancy in the investigation process, but they have also
raised a question

as to whether the two sides are serving cross purposes. And possibly,
perhaps, planted the seed of what may eventually become a lingering animosity
between the groups.

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