TakingStock – Inspect-a-gadget.

You won’t need a passport but you will need a rather large expense account to take to the skies and escape the stress of road travel with the Air Harrods executive helicopter service.

Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed fits into this category and uses the service on daily basis. But TS can exclusively reveal that Air Harrods is run by the bravest people in the world because they alone tell chairman Mo to hit the highway when the service is fully booked.

But, for a mere £1,850-an-hour you can deprive him, of his regular service and hit the skies in decadent style.

But before you shout out to your secretary to make a booking, don’t forget you need somewhere to land somewhere larger than your normal parking space! To join the Harrods whirlybirds call Dawn Wyatt on 01279 660800.

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