Taking Stock – Between the covers.

Still reeling from the idea behind the last book featured in TS – The Messiah FCA, the tale of an accountant who discovers he is the new Christ – we decided to turn to more serious literature this week.

But unfortunately all we could come up with was Pirates, Prophets and Pioneers, Debora Spar’s alliteratively challenged tome about business and politics dealing with state of the art technology.

Its central thesis: cyperspace is ‘new and sparkling’ but not that new and not much more revolutionary than other technologies.

Now there’s a thing. What with all the dotcoms that have gone belly up recently it’s dawning on us all that the brave new world was not all it was cracked up to be.

Mind you, Spar has a chapter tagged Trusting Microsoft. Anyone questioning Billy G has got to be worth their weight.

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