E-business – How to get connected

In the wake of modern technology, getting a connection to the internet and establishing a web site is as easy. Before you get online, it is very important to understand how e-commerce fits in with your strategy.

There are basic operational requirements and an initial investment that will vary depending on the sophistication of your company’s needs.

Through the use of a computer, a telephone line and a modem your business can connect to the Internet.

Internet browser software is likely to have been pre-installed onto most computers today and if not, can be obtained from an Internet Service Provider.

Those with more complex requirements – such as those with networked computers requiring access to the Internet at the same time – a special telephone line enabling a quick link may need to be installed by a standard telecoms provider.

Using an ISP can be an easy way to get connected. Many offer free 24-hour access through a dial-in number and a range of other services. The only cost will be that of the telephone call, sometimes at premium rates. And for businesses venturing into e-commerce, many offer special packages, but shop around.

Here at UK online for business there is a network of several hundred advisers situated in the Business Links in England and their equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our advisers can provide free advice on taking those vital first steps along the e-commerce road and answer any questions you will have.

For further information or a free e-commerce guide, please contact the UK online for business Infoline on 0845 715 2000 or visit the website.

Jenny Searle is the director of UK online for business

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