Foot in mouth.

You published two rather aggressive responses to Finian Manson’s criticism of the insolvency profession (Letters, page 19, 19 July), and although the authors did not identify how they make their money, I think most of us can guess. How apt that one of these should choose to compare the work of insolvency profession to vets, who during the current foot and mouth disaster have spent their time culling a vast proportion of the agricultural economy.

The other wonders why Mr Manson should be so upset. Perhaps because he, like me, has in over 20 years’ experience, never yet come across an insolvency case which has turned around, or in which creditors have received anything like the value they should have done.

As for the comment that banks and practitioners value the ongoing relationship with the customer – don’t be so disingenuous. The bank wants their money, and they usually get it. Second on the list of priorities is the fee.

Third on the list of priorities – well, is there one?

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