Headstart: Careers – A week in the life


A short week this week due to the bank holiday. Interview with multinational distributor of electronic goods to improve worldwide reporting and ERP use. Interview goes well.

Really looking for an interim finance director’s role. However, at times you have to be flexible. Watching your bank balance drop focuses the mind.

4pm. Hear that I did not get called for an interview for a heavy SAP implementation role in Zurich.

Speak to a network colleague who says I have been shortlisted as the FD of a privatisation of a utility in Romania!

I try to specialise. My USP is assignments outside of the UK. My Spanish has been vital leading to two finance assignments in Spain and one in Portugal.


7am. Write ‘dynamic’ letters to major plcs advising them of my availability.

My experience is to keep trying everything. Lots of assignments vanish like ‘smoke and mirrors’.

10am. Meet with the managing director of a start-up interactive television consultancy. I develop a financial model for him to calculate and control his ‘cash burn’ rate.


7am. Lots of emails on interimconnect, the network for interim managers.

9am. Take time out for a round of golf at my club in Alton. When on assignment you have to give 110%, and taking days off is expensive, as you only get paid for the days you work.

4pm. Leave for the interimconnect meeting at the IoD in London. It is well attended by interims from all disciplines. Networking for me has been the single most important factor in getting my best assignments.

This new network gives career interims the chance to meet up and find out about opportunities. It also provides support in what at times can be a lonely profession. Arrive home at 11pm.


When I’m ‘resting’, I try to spend a good part of one day reading articles and keeping up to speed with developments particularly in the new economy.

Clients expect (quite rightly for the money they pay) you to hit the deck running.

5pm. A call about a possible FD role in South America. Now that’s more like it.

– Mike Measures is an interim manager and founder of interimconnect, which can be found at:

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