Behind the numbers: search for the perfect job

What’s the best job in the world for an accountant?

If you have already read our article on
search for a CFO
you will know that US magazine Financial Week has flagged
it up as the one to have.

The evidence is compelling, argue US recruiters: Jobs with the most ‘sex
appeal’ ; innovative companies ; and those that can give you the most visibility
are the most desired, and apparently Google fits the bill.

But in our article on what skillsets are required to serve as the search
giant’s CFO, UK recruiters are more pragmatic about the role, putting across
what a tough position it would be.

Can it continue its unstoppable growth? Could you, as CFO, become as
important to the business as co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin? It’s a big
ask on both those points.

Plus you must consider that the advertising market is fragile as well, while
some of its online applications and tools have not received the universal praise
the company is used to.

Still, it’s a fantastic role and as big a position as you could get. You’d be
to not want to have a go at it.

But you can find what I think could be as exciting and as tough a job right
our doorstep.

Our profile interview with
, MD of forensic investigators Quest, shows that accountancy can lead
you to some other intriguing places.

His firm of investigators has attempted to expose an underbelly of bungs and
dodgy payments in the rapidly growing English football transfer market, an
investigation that has seen them make the headlines on both the front and back

Everyone is different of course, and we’re all suited to different roles.

So don’t worry if you’ve got more chance of winning the lottery than winning
the Google role, or if going through an audit investigation of the English
football transfer market isn’t your cup of tea.

If you enjoy your role and it inspires you, whether you are a charity group
finance director or personal insolvency expert, then consider yourself in the
best job in the world.

If not, then ­ as Google would say ­ you should search for something

Kevin Reed is acting features editor of Accountancy Age

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