Letters – Get the work balance right.

When I was training for my qualifications, I put in the long hours – both at work and at home – and I studied as well. I really do not think this should have been necessary.

As financial controller and IT manager of a medium-sized national distributor, I now realise that the first five hours I put into any day are the best.

I am (usually) in first in the morning and last in the evening to leave, but I am strict with myself on the time I leave, and I never take work home.

I only work at weekends if absolutely necessary, and I make sure it never is. One day a week I finish early to take my daughter riding. I have found that this forces me to manage my time effectively.

I have taken up a couple of leisure activities. I am happier in myself, my staff do not feel the need to be ‘seen’ to work unpaid overtime.

Ihope that others will see the benefits of working to contracted hours, and I believe a happier, more efficient workforce will emerge.

Grace Gariff, via email.

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