Letters – Pro-euro view short sighted.

Chris Moncrieff attempts to perpetuate the myth that the Conservative Party has been ‘split down the middle’ over Europe and the euro since 1972 (Corridors of power, page 19, 11 October).

The truth is that a small but influential group of europhiles, aided and abetted, by the BBC, with its pro-European agenda, have done their utmost to create the image of disunity. The majority of the party is united and resents the trouble makers.

It was disappointing to see the poll result of FDs in the same issue having now, apparently, become pro adoption of the euro.

The pro-adoption view is short sighted even for business which is seeing ever more Brussels-derived red tape constricting its ability to deal with changing circumstances. All the indicators suggest this will increase.

John Broughton, Ruthun.

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