When four become one

Alex Hawkes, AccountancyAge

That was the question I kept being asked last week by employees of other
Global firms at the awards last week.

Now I wasn’t a judge, so I can’t talk about the process.

But I’d guess the answer is as follows. It’s because of the quality in
everything it does. Oh no, that’s E&Y’s line isn’t it?

Or it’s because its website says it’s committed to ‘to the highest levels of
ethics, integrity and quality.’ Oops, no, that’s Deloitte’s website I’m looking

Is it because it measures its success ‘by yours’? Probably not ­ that’s
Pricewaterhouse-Coopers’ claim.

What is the difference between the Big Four firms? Two Deloitte partners
tried to convince me last week that where PwC would tell you the answer,
Deloitte would work it out with you.

I don’t think the Big Four are all the same exactly, but they are quite
difficult to tell apart sometimes. I’m glad I wasn’t on the judging panel.

Alex Hawkes is the news editor of Accountancy Age

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