A week in the life …


First day back from a wet holiday in Norfolk. Sun is now shining of course.

Lunch with our business director to update me on his latest schemes.

We have a software product that predicts heat flow and air movement in spaces and is used for heating, ventilation and cooling. It has been slower to take off than our flagship product, Flotherm, but he has spotted a lucrative market. He is like a dog with a bone and will probably pull it off.


Received the feedback from our PR company to our interim results. The response was good. We are starting to build up some genuine interest.

Attended a meeting of the share scheme committee of the QCA (Quoted Companies Alliance). They are a major voice for smaller companies and we hope to simplify, eventually, the plethora of schemes that are out there.


Knuckled down to get royalty statements out to our licensors.

Meeting with our contracted-out HR consultant updating the staff handbook.

Could not do this without them.

7:30 pm – three line whip for my wife’s spinning class (the fitness variety). She takes five classes a week as well as being mum and personal trainer. Really good workout followed by nice cold beer.


A long meeting with an analyst. It’s always useful to get a different perspective on the business. He seemed pretty favourably disposed.

Conference call with our US office to finalise our latest forecast.


One of our more interested shareholders called for an update. Congratulated us on the interim results and said we are his top company.

Chief exec gets back from his holiday next week so possibly last day of good productivity. Called him on the way home to update him.

All three children still up when I get home. Should get back at this time more often.

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