Get together and feel all right.

You’ve seen it before. You’ve got a room full people who are all talented individuals but for some reason constantly fail to gel as a team.

You can give them all the pep talks you want and threaten carnage with a P45, but somehow the message is not getting through. Despair grows, and that’s when company cash splashed out on some kind of outside help might be money well spent.

What kind of bonding do you need to get your troops working together.

A trip to some far-flung conference, army assault courses in the Brecon Beacons, a simple pie and a pint at the pub, or something completely different?

Fortunately, if you’re stuck for ideas, the web can help. For a quick sample of the breadth of experiences and events that are available it’s worth going to, which contains a staggering selection of things to do, along with what looks like quite a flexible corporate-oriented service.

Branded vivid red (of course), the site is easily navigable and has some excellent search facilities. It also includes some surprising options, including a day of SAS training. Naturally, more mundane options like health spas are also there, but it certainly illustrates the diversity available. However, the site is a bit disappointing on the information front. It fails to say whether you need special clothing for the activities advertised, or if there are restrictions to entry for some of them.

If you really want to raid the company coffers to impress your team you could do worse than visit where you can actually arrange weightlessness flights at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City, Russia. Open mouthed? At a cool #3,859 it’s expensive but not as pricy as the sub orbital space flight, which is offered on the site for next year at #70,000. Rest assured there are also some less risky ventures on what is an impressive site.

For a service tailored much more to the corporate client it might be best to have a look at This site isn’t quite reaching for the stars, but legend does appear to offer the usual range of services.

Unfortunately, it serves up most of its information in a 4.7Mb Powerpoint file which takes an age to download and is difficult to read once it arrives.

It would be much better to put that information on web pages.

Our last offering, which is the place to go for a much more traditional view of team building, is With hundreds of pictures of tired employees running through rivers, climbing cliffs and paddling white water, challengerworld fulfils every clinched idea any team building events organiser ever had. It even promises to ‘provide each participant with a personal development challenge that benefits both the individual and the business’.

However, the site lacks the sophistication of the others and probably needs to overhaul the way it presents information (it suggests you ask personnel to pay but doesn’t even hint at the price). Despite that, it is by far and away the most focused on the corporate client.

Our top team building sites: teaming up for mediocre scores all-round

Vast range of events with good presentation and search facilities, though lacking some essential information. No booking online.


Lots of ideas but details very difficult to access in large Powerpoint download. Needs an overhaul but has by far and away the best logo.

* activities/index.htm

Lots of ideas including some only a madman would choose. Register online and get a 5% discount.


Traditional team builders with a slightly dusty image and a site that also needs work. It is, however, dedicated to the corporate client.


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