Opinion – FDs deepen Tory dilemma.

The next couple of weeks will offer a brief respite from the Tory leadership contest. For better or worse, we’re promised, the country will hear precious little from messrs Clarke and Duncan Smith as they both take a holiday.

The lull offers the candidates time to reflect. Clarke has apparently told his supporters to stop banging on about the euro lest it hurts his prospects. But the 85% of finance directors supporting Clarke – as revealed by Accountancy Age this week – will not have missed the fact that he is the ‘euro’ candidate.

Duncan Smith is no fan of the single currency, and nor is most of the party. But ignoring Clarke – and the euro fervour that comes attached – would leave the Tories out of step with many of the country’s key financial decision-makers.

It all leaves the Tories in a pickle – and with precious little time to sort it out.

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