Letters – The old order changeth?

With the debate really open between the pros and antis on consolidators versus the traditional profession, perhaps the most telling signal was the contrast (Opinion, page 8, 16 August) in the photos of John Mellows of Mazars Neville Russell and Julian Synett of Levy Gee. Smart suit for the anti, dress-down Friday style for the pro. Does anyone consider what the average client’s view is on all this?

Which one would you go to for professional advice at #250/#300 per hour?

And, as a client, would you be more content knowing your adviser is working through a partnership in which he takes the benefits and burdens or, like an insurance salesman, is motivated to produce returns for anonymous shareholders?

Let the consolidators admit it – it is no more nor less than a device to enable senior partners of middle-tier firms to retire with a large pot of money and hang the future consequences for those they leave behind!

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