CIPFA’s fast track

I would have to disagree with Tom Gorman’s comment: CIPFA’s Fast Trackis not an easy route to CIPFA or a ‘second class’ CPFA. (Will this not devalue the CIPFA qualification?.)

The only people taking the Fast Track will be people who have already proved their mastery of the technical accounting skills through anotherqualification. The Fast Track focusses on those parts of thequalification that make CIPFA unique. It includes sector specificfinancial reporting, public service ethics and financial and strategicmanagement skills.

There are considerable advantages to the CIPFA qualification througoutthe public services, and not just in local government, as Mr Gormanseems to think. The emphasis on strategic and management skills hasproved its value through the tendency of CIPFA people to rise to themost senior positions and the emphasis on public service ethics is ofincreasing importance.

Quentin Langley, CIPFA

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