A Week in the Life …


Day starts with an interview regarding a one-day IT conference the ACCA is running on Saturday. Return to office; sort calls, emails and messages before attending an audit meeting with a listed construction company.

Another meeting with the press at 6pm before returning to the office.


Attend a meeting with a client at 10am to prepare pre-audit planning at the office. Afterwards take lunch at 12.30 with the new CFO of a red chip company in HK. Return to office and have to sift through urgent documents, which have landed on my desk before heading off to the airport. At 5pm catch plane to Beijing; arrive at 10.30pm and head straight off to my hotel.


Today is the firm’s agm. Before I then set off for lunch with the directors.

Shoot over to our Beijing office and discuss a new property group client.

The company wants to get a listing on the HK Exchange so we discuss strategy.

Dinner with another client to discuss their corporate development and a new listing rule requirement. Later meet up with partners for several drinks.


Catch 8.20am flight to Hong Kong and attend a monthly ACCA lunch. Share news, promote activities and prepare to support the IT conference on Saturday.

Return to my office. Get home at 9pm, see son and daughter. I have certainly missed them this week.


In-house meeting with several partners at 9am. Discuss strategy development work and the targeting of clients. Take lunch together before returning to the office for a meeting with our audit manager. This year companies for the first time need to report every four months – it was previously five. We plan deadlines and then I attend a dinner with a charitable organisation to say farewell to a long-serving council member, before returning home late evening.


Attend the IT conference hosted by the ACCA.

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