Institute is out-of-date but reputable

Years later I have come to realise that I was kidding myself as to unified.

The institute has hardly moved from the day it was formed as a federation of regional accountants’ societies.

The district society structure still rules ICAEW affairs, so over the years any number of other structures have been ‘bolted on’ to try and satisfy new needs.

I believe that the district society system has been out of date for most of the last century, as has the geographical basis for electing council members.

Function-related member groupings and electoral constituencies would serve the institute and its members far better. Function-related organisation, to replace the district society system, would facilitate effective two-way member communication and representation.

That the institute has maintained its standards, standing and reputation over the years despite the poor functionality of its structures is a tribute to the highly able and dedicated members who have taken it upon themselves to be involved.

  • Ted Goater, London

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