TakingStock – Media mogul who’s just too sexy…

Chas Roy-Chowdry is facing tough competition in the world of accountancy media stardom in the shape of PKF’s Geoff Rowley.

With his charm, ginger hair and his stunning good looks, Rowley, who at 29 is the youngest partner at PKF, is poised to overtake Roy-Chowdry as the firm’s new media star.

The Hatton Garden powers that be are actually very keen to see Geoff go head to head with Chas in the fame stakes and, in an example of shameless promotion, have been pushing the attributes of the PKF man to TS. A reliable source even told TS that Rowley has ‘lots of admirers.’ This was clearly evident at PKF’s summer reception at the Globe theatre, where TS saw damsels swooning down the stairs as Geoff walked past.

We have published a picture of the PKF adonis for you to judge for yourselves…

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