Less competition, more choice

You might be considering my sanity at this point, but there are good reasons for this prophecy.

First, don’t get too concerned about the lack of competition among software companies vying for your attention. Although you’ve lost JD Edwards -ð absorbed by PeopleSoft in 2003, and now PeopleSoft as part of Oracle ð- just read Accountancy Age every week to see news of big deals that so-called smaller business software companies are doing with household names.

And while some competitors for your hard-earned pennies have disappeared, it could make the choice a lot clearer for FDs: ‘Do I go for A, B or C?’.

Microsoft Business Solutions will clearly keep Oracle on its toes, and one can only hope that they push each other to produce better and cheaper products.

Some FDs will stick with what they have and keep a beady eye on how it all pans out in the software market, while others will use the situation to drive down service-level agreements and pricing for new deals ð- just make sure that service-level quality doesn’t drop as well.

So, mid-market FDs, are you ready to dust down those software contracts and SLAs and give your IT supplier a call?

Kevin Reed edits Accountancy Age’s Technology page

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