Letters – We are more productive.

I refer to the letter (letters, page 15, 10 May) on excessive office hours. I agree with the writer. I have two children and have juggled career and family needs with a varying degree of success.

When I am at work I don’t stop. Career-orientated working mums are often very productive for the fact that they have to cram into eight hours what others take 12 hours to do.

Often, I take work home and it is surprising how productive you can be when you don’t have to worry about being late home. I enjoy my work but am always torn between it and my family. Part-time work equivalent to full-time, high-calibre positions doesn’t seem to exist.

Those who work longer hours and don’t spend time with their families take note – you are not doing any favours to others or yourself! And you don’t get appreciated more. I know. I have just suffered the consequences of being ‘conscientious’.

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