The exceptional taxmen

It’s that figure that made an Inland Revenue job ad leap out this week.

The Revenue is looking to recruit tax inspectors: ‘You will be either ATII/ ACA/ ACCA qualified with at least one year’s recent post-qualification exposure to corporate tax work,’ it ran. Successful applicants can expect a salary of £40,010.

Now the need for government bodies to pay competitive salaries is well acknowledged. But a salary of over £40,000 a year (rising to £41,180 in August) seems a little out of kilter given the level of post-qualification experience required of candidates.

The Revenue would argue that this is the minimum level of experience sought. And with a package as attractive as that (did we mention the ‘excellent pension scheme’ as well?) it should be able to find the ‘exceptional candidates’ that it seeks.

All we can say is that London-based medium and large businesses should watch out: they are very much in the sights of this new breed of super-salaried taxmen.

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