Letters – Didn’t we have a lovely time: and we still had change out

It is a unfortunate but common human trait to boldly go forward into the future while firmly focusing on the past. For instance, public debate regarding the euro has focused on the consequences for manufacturing industry (a sector in relative decline since about 1870) rather than the consequences for tourism (a growth sector). I would like to suggesting that not joining the Euro will assist UK plc product differentiation thereby assisting marketing the UK as a tourist destination. With its own currency the UK would be an exciting place to visit. Indeed, product differentiation will be further improved by the reinstatement of pre-1971 pounds, shillings and pence. Tourists would flock to handle quaint coins such as a half crown, shilling or farthing, some of which were so large and heavy that a handful of them would constitute a dangerous weapon.

Bernard Danson, London

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