TakingStock – Derailed: E&Y press office takes on extra passengers.

Last week TS duly reported that Alan Bloom, Ernst & Young’s now famous corporate undertaker, had taken on the administration of Railtrack after losing his work handling Barings Bank.

Bloom must be rushed off his feet after being ‘between jobs’ and the disappointment of Barings. However we can report he’s not the only person Railtrack has created work for.

The E&Y press office last week received 500 calls on the beleaguered rail operator alone. However they were not all press enquiries.

In fact a source informs TS that most seem to have been from disgruntled passengers informing E&Y that their train was late, or business opportunists wondering whether the small piece of Railtrack land at the bottom of their garden was up for sale.

Oh for the days when the only calls were from bad tempered hacks, eh?

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