Web Trader’s Achilles heel

I refer to your article (Which leaks tax details, page 6, 28 June) regarding the leaking of credit card details by the Which? Online website, which quotes the Consumers’ Association as having commissioned an independent security audit.

The piece also draws attention to the fact that the TaxCalc website was not included in the Web Trader scheme. The final paragraph infers, perhaps, that, had it been, then the breach of security would not have arisen.

Participants in the Web Trader scheme require only to confirm adherence to a Code of Practice. No formal assessment of the site takes place. Perhaps if the Consumers’ Association had the security of the site independently verified then the breach would not have occurred. It is only when breaches like this arise that one can appreciate the benefits of participation in a programme such as WebTrust, which offers independent verification prior to granting its seal.

WebTrust can be sourced in the UK from accredited member firms of the ICAS, ICAEW and ICAI.

Ken McManus, members’ services, ICAS.

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