TakingStock – Want to know who really runs CIMA?

At TS we are always willing to admit our mistakes. And this week we are happy to make clear that we were woefully misinformed a couple of months ago when we said the entire top floor of CIMA’s new London headquarters would be occupied by the institute’s still-to-be-found chief executive.

Based in Pimlico (though there seems to be a debate emerging over whether council members can get away with calling it Victoria), the institute penthouse is in fact made up of three apartments, not one large office as we regretfully announced back in March.

But if ever a floorplan gives an insight into the institute’s powerbase it is this one. The source – who TS is fairly confident is more reliable than our last one – reveals one apartment is reserved for the president, one for the chief executive and one for the institute caretaker. ‘And I think we all know who really runs the place,’ he said ruefully.

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