Introduction: on the takeover menu

Private equity companies and the capital markets are willing to throw their
not inconsiderable resources about at the moment, and if you’re looking to go on
the acquisition trail or to grow the business through outside investment, it
would be wise to take advantage of the current climate.

The market moves in cycles and the mood could quickly swing the other way.

Even in this season of bounty, it’s still not that simple to pull off the
perfect deal. Acquisitions have to be planned down to the very last detail,
unexpected events accounted for.

You have to have the right people on board within the company and the best
help from external advisers. Even so, the best-planned takeovers can still take
the most unusual twists and turns.

This briefing will provide you with the ammunition you need to take to the
market if you’re looking to buy or sell. The mechanics behind the merger market
are explored to discover whether its peak has yet been reached and we delve into
the best ways to ensure you pull off the very best deal for your company.

The way takeovers are accounted for has also undergone huge changes over the
last couple of years, so we review how this might affect any deal.

The various stages a potential acquisition will go through before reaching
completion are plotted by tracing the course of the recent takeover bid at
Liverpool FC.

The role that external advisers can play – and which ones are the most
suitable – is also scrutinised.

And since your job isn’t over once the deal goes through (unless that was
part of the agreement) – we also advise on how to handle post-merger

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