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John Oates, HLB Kidsons’ director of information systems consultancy & assurance, talks about opportunities for women in IT

Q: Is the number of women in IT in the UK insufficient?

A: Yes. Patricia Hewitt is right, the levels are low – especially if you remove sales and marketing from the equation.

Q: What can be done to rectify the situation?

A: The nature of the business can be anti-social with many evenings and weekends taken up with work. I think the government should look at how other countries such as the US go about recruiting women and learn from them. Kidsons allows flexible working conditions such as agreements with mothers that while their children are very young they do not go on jobs more than an hour and a half away.

Q: Does the image of IT need a shake-up?

A: The image of IT workers can be nerdy. To attract female school leavers into the industry, maybe the government needs to sell the profession with a new image.

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