A week in the life of John Court, manager of the IT faculty at the ICAEW

Monday[QQ] Raining. Good background to drafting a response to a Department of Trade and Industry consultation paper on implementing the EC directive on a community framework for electronic signatures.

These still seem more talked about than used, but they will soon be used for real on a large-scale and we have to be in a position to protect and advance our members’ interests when this happens.


Team meeting at 8:30am for a discussion on budgets for 2002 and strategy planning – it is slightly unnerving as always.

Back to basics with a meeting with a company rep who would like to offer a discount on publications to faculty members. Agree in principle. Afternoon spent finalising contents of the faculty’s June newsletter.


Working on guidance paper on outsourcing for the International Federation of Accountants IT committee.

Just back recently from an interesting trip to Vienna for this committee meeting – lovely buildings. It is a shame I couldn’t get to the opera.

Most of the things we do come up in one form or another on the IFAC IT committee’s agenda, so we must be getting at least some of our global thinking right.


I am working at home today. The object of doing this is to be able to concentrate, but with direct access to the office network and the office telephone also diverted home the effect sometimes is to get all the grief with none of the camaraderie.

Today it seemed to work well and I got a lot of quality control work done on the drafts of forthcoming faculty publications.

The faculty produces about ten technical publications a year on such themes as e-commerce, control and management of IT and the exploitation of communication technologies.

Drafting comments on exposure draft guideline by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. Co-operative work with global organisations like this is very important.


I am helping with the arrangements for the faculty’s forthcoming roadshow ‘So now you are responsible for IT?’. Venues are in Birmingham, Manchester, Gateshead, Eastleigh, Cardiff and London – and Scotland in conjunction with the institute’s members’ group up there. Now that’s really going global.

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