Moving forward: gain from loss

It’s very emotional while it’s happening, but once the dust has settled
you’re left wondering ‘Now what? Where do I go from here?’

Be a survivor

For better or worse, this is a turning point in your life. Put any bitterness or
hurt behind you and focus on the future. For many, redundancy offers the chance
to take stock and even change direction. If you’ve been doing the same thing for
years, think about what you really want.

What do you enjoy about your work?
It’s not always obvious. If you’re an accountant, for example, you could see job
solely as working with figures. But what else do you do, how do you use those
skills – problem-solving? Working with people? Finding business solutions?

What do you hate about your work?
This is your chance to change it. Analyse what’s at the root of your dislike and
use this to think about what you want in future. Would you work better in a
different sort of organisation? In a different environment? Doing something that
focuses more on your specific skills?

Set goals

Work out what you want to achieve and set yourself daily, weekly and monthly
targets to get there. If you want to set up a consultancy, for example, don’t
try to do everything at once, from brochures and business cards to market
research. Break it down into manageable chunks.

Do something towards your goal every day, however small, and celebrate when
you reach your targets.

Take job hunting seriously

These days it’s a professional business. If you’re still using the CV you had at
college with your last job tacked on at the bottom, you’re not going to make an
impression. Get all the advice you can, there’s plenty around – from expensive
consultants to the tips offered on recruitment web sites.

Ask for advice and information from friends, colleagues, former clients,
customers, suppliers, professional associations, everyone. Keep proper records
so that you can find the useful names, addresses and phone numbers they give

Lynn Williams is a career coach. She is the author of
several career books, all published by Kogan Page

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