A week in the life of Philip Fisher, Chantrey Vellacott DFK’s e-partner

MONDAY[QQ] Bad start to the week – my secretary is off. She very bravely did the London to Brighton bike ride yesterday and has taken today off as she thought she wouldn’t be able to walk. This will cost me. Gordon Brown’s Enterprise for All has been released. I have to write an article for our website,

Spend the afternoon with our marketing director writing a program for the corporate tax department for next year. I even have a few minutes for some bits of client work.


A client meeting at Russell Square was suddenly transposed to Chelsea Village. I find out the back seat of an Aston Martin convertible is not all that it’s cracked up to be – no wonder James Bond never had children.

The meeting is bizarrely held in a corner of empty brasserie and my client tries to make off without paying for the drinks. Oh dear.

The only consolation is lunch at Fishnets before a mad dash back to the office to help a client put together a letter to the Inland Revenue.


Chest hurts – indigestion from Fishnets, food poisoning or an impending heart attack?

Stress levels suggest the last of these. Write review of Blackbird at the Bush Theatre at 6.45am.

Morning meeting with Debbie from – an exciting project for and an outlet for my theatre reviews. Lunchtime meet with client and solicitors. No lunch but I get the biscuits as the client is on a diet. Pleasant evening as guest of the president of the Academy of Experts (The Right Hon. Lord Howe of Aberavon no less) in the gardens of Grays Inn. Pimms in the sunshine is always fun.


Morning spent briefing client for heavy Inland Revenue meeting.

After lunch switch to preparing an urgent EMI scheme for client. The urgency relates to an impending holiday in Barbados – his, not mine.

Highlight of the day is a call from a headhunter. Will I get the #500,000 a year I so richly deserve?


In the office and catch up on correspondence. I have to 1) review the maintenance contract for 2) consider the tax implications of a prospective client purchase of a company 3) send a five-page letter to the Revenue 4) calm irate members of staff 5) update the department’s IT wish list and 6) start billing. I wish our 30 June year-end had been and gone. File Accountancy Age article. Now I can go and enjoy myself writing a review at the Soho Theatre.

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