Taking Stock – Aitken’s golden year: who got the sword?

A look back at the highlights of 1999 would not be complete without a special mention of the UK’s favourite bankrupt, Jonathan Aitken. As he looks forward to spending five days over the Christmas holiday away from his home-from-home (Standford Jail in Kent), TS must doff the cap to long-suffering Baker Tilly, which has had a severe battering over its efforts to recoup Aitken’s £2.2m debts. Although the firm has done no more than seek court direction in an extremely arduous case which has seen Aitken do much pre-emptive spinning to raise public sympathy (despite the fact that he’s doing time for perjury and perverting the course of justice), TS’ friends at Baker Tilly must be glad the year is drawing to a close. But who can forget the fantastic bargains that went on sale earlier this year at the ‘sale of the century’, when everything from Aitken’s cufflinks to his collection of Rolex watches went on offer to the public. TS only wonders who bought the sword of truth and shield of fair play?

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