TakingStock – Cops and robbers toast BCCI.

Forensic accountants, lawyers and police officers involved in the BCCI investigation gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the bank fraud last week.

The idea? To raise a glass to colleagues involved in the years of patient work that went into pursuing the wrongdoers.

Glasses clinked, corks popped and small talk crescendoed as the party warmed up. And even more hilarity was in store.

Having read out the usual array of warm wishes from people who could not attend, what better climax than messages from the fraudsters themselves.

Unfortunately, no such messages forthcoming, the party’s organisers indulged in a little counterfeit of their own, with some spoof telegrams.

One, from Abbas Gokal, residing in Maidstone Prison and part-way through a 14-year sentence, wistfully read: ‘Wish I could be with you.’ A young man, previously at Attock Oil – one of the companies involved – sent a ‘message’ to Det. Insp. Noad, who led the case against him. Having served his time, he is now a stockbroker in Karachi. ‘Sir, Attock Oil is a buy,’ his imaginary message read.

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