Football few spoil it for many

Nor could he have predicted that these highest of earners, would one day be in a position to bring down whole teams and turn the financial rescue efforts for stricken clubs on their heads.

But the financial expectations of a handful of players now effectively call the shots when it comes to the economics of the national game.

As rules stand, clubs in administration are obliged to pay off so-called super creditors – players, managers and other clubs – before they make payments even to banks. With the collapse of ITV Digital, over its failure to pay sponsorship in the order of #180m, it has become clear these rules need to be scrapped if clubs are to survive.

Surely, as broadcasting struggles to find a financial model that will square this particular circle, wage expectations need to be revised. Or we are left with a fine example of the few spoiling it for the many – as John Motson might say.

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