Time to heed warning signs

And indeed most business professionals in the modern-day working environment are encouraged to adopt these traits.

Both these qualities were held in especially high esteem during the dotcom boom when many jumped on the web bandwagon with such passion and gusto they left their brains behind.

The business community proved it certainly knew how to respond to a trend.

But many would argue those days are gone and things are quite different now. The dotcom boom is certainly over, but whether the business community has changed its behaviour is another question.

Many businesses, it seems, are responding to fears of a recession with the same energy and gusto they showed during the dotcom boom.

The question then arises, are we all leaving our brains behind in the same way we did back in the goldrush days?

Has the business community, like society, become such a slave to trends, hype and fashion that we are being forced into recession by an over-the-top knee-jerk reaction? Are we driving our own recession bandwagon into the economic abyss?

It took a while once the dotcom boom had started before people started taking notice of what accountants had to say, and those online businesses that survived are those that took quality financial advice early on.

It is imperative businesses seek such advice once more before they hack their themselves to pieces and needlessly risk future opportunities.

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