Brand aware: will FTSE100 status boost GT’s brand?

could be in a position to receive a boost due to high-flying audit
client Templeton.

Its client is riding on a crest of a wave. They are, after all, just about to
join the bluest of blue chips, due to enter the FTSE 100 in the next few weeks.
But how much difference does the quality of your client list make to your brand?

A lot I would argue. Certainly, as a council member of the business
Superbrands panel, we have spent quite some time discussing the key aspects in
building a business super brand. Grant Thornton has done well in the recent
past; ranking around the mid 200’s out of all business brands… punching way
above its weight one could argue.

But let’s start at first base, while desperately trying not to educate in egg
A brand is made up of the recollections and reputations that take a business
name and lift it to a new level of understanding and personality. Service
brands, such as financial services businesses, marketing agencies, even legal
practices are more reliant on the power of brand perception than any other
industry sector I can think of.

There is a famous quote that these industries see their tangible assets leave
the building every evening and arrive again the following morning. The key
differentiator for service brands, aside from the individual staff, is the power
of its intangible assets ­ that is the brand itself.

The key elements in delivering and developing the brand are famous work,
famous staff and famous clients, all of which need to be wrapped up into a
differentiating character which may be reflected through a brand logo and
identity. These are the brand assets of a service brand.

Blending these assets will, over time, develop recollection and reputations
within its sector and even the wider community.

So where does this leave us with the question of how does a new client win
affect the brand perception? Success, in itself, is an incredibly important
driver in delivering fame. In turn, fame drives every brand asset of the service

The recent success of Grant Thornton in proving its ability to punch yet
higher, develop even greater respect, gain even more interest and win the big
blues can only further enhance the Grant Thornton Brand.

Phil Nunn is a member of the Business
council and partner in

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