TakingStock – KPMG gets with the new jungle rap.

Avid readers will remember a few months ago TS published the full, unedited lyrics of the KPMG corporate anthem, a classic sub-europop dirge.

Now news reaches TS that a ‘jungle-rap’ version – whatever that is – has been recorded by DJ ContaX. A helpful spokesperson allowed TS to listen (this is rap with a silent ‘c’), describing jungle as ‘drum and bass, but faster and more aggressive’, undoubtedly an image the firm would love to be associated with. And it is proving popular in the charts, going straight in at No. 1 in a corporate anthems website.

But when TS tried to log on ( we hit trouble and couldn’t get through. Surely the Big Five are not adopting tactics similar to the anti-Napster music business and trying to stop it?

It would also appear KPMG is not alone – PwC are also proud owners of a funky anthem. This corporate madness must stop – if anyone knows of other ‘tunes’ please let us know.

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