Leader – You’ve every right to feel completely lost

Over the past year the consultancy industry has changed beyond recognition.

It is commonly agreed that the Big Five, as an entity, is dead. IT companies have muscled into the sector, e-commerce boutiques have elbowed their way to your customers, and the customers themselves have established their own in-house consultancy services. For an industry that always promoted the virtues of change, it’s time for it to experience a little re-organisation of its own.

Management Consultancy does not pretend that this process is complete. We expect more upheavals over the next few months. How long can Deloitte remain unmoved as the tide pulls in? Can KPMG make a success of Metrius?

What on earth is going on at Andersen? However, we did feel it was time to take stock and present you with an article that examines where the new landscape leaves consultants and clients alike. We offer you the top 12 reasons why your industry is set to change beyond recognition. Some of the industry’s biggest names offer their opinions and try to point the way to the future.

The earth is still cooling so expect more change. Management Consultancy is poised to chart the topography each and every month. If you want to know East from West we’ll provide you with the compass and intelligence to conquer a new and almost unrecognisable land.

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