Headstart – A Week in the Life … Sue Weatherson, Pannell Kerr Forster

It’s a new week in the life of Sue Weatherson who begins her new job as senior manager in Pannell Kerr Forster’s professional partnerships group. This change of job comes after a seven-and-a-half-year stint with the Forensic Investigation Unit at the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors. And from the sound of it, by Friday, she was all but settled into her new place of work … Monday After a warm induction meeting, I meet the risk management and professional partnership team before being whisked off for ‘a getting to know you’ lunch with a partner. Afternoon is spent familiarising myself with the office. Tuesday Discover excellent French patisserie on the way to work. Most of the day is spent making contact with partners. At PKF you are encouraged to take a multidisciplinary approach and interact with other divisions within the partnership. While working my way around building, I find PKF’s infamous gardens. Stop en route for lunch. Then attend first assignment meeting to help organise a charity sector seminar on risk management. Wednesday

The real work begins. I start to document the risk assessment and management approach for professional partnerships. The aim is to extend PKF’s bespoke risk management services from the corporate, public sector and charity clients to professional partnerships. In evening, I attend a Women in Business forum. Virginia Bottomley gives excellent speech focusing on issues affecting women working in a professional environment. The evening turns out to be a good networking event.


A creative day. Met with web designers to discuss content of new interactive risk management page. Draft articles for in-house newsletters, attend photo shoot for publicity material and work with PR on the announcement of my new role. Am starting to feel settled in and looking forward to meeting with clients.


Stop by French patisserie for the fourth time this week! Attend briefing on solicitors’ accounts rules assignment and prepare for first client meeting. Will be interesting working in a risk management environment particularly in light of the continuing developments in solicitors’ indemnity insurance. End first week – now ready for a glass of Chablis. A train delay means I have to wait that little bit longer …

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