Take enron three away

It seems bizarre that such a statement should seem controversial, but we’ve
got ourselves whipped up into such a fever over the UK’s unequal extradition law
with the US that many people don’t seem to be able to see the wood for the

The US, in contrast to the UK, has an excellent record in prosecuting
white-collar crime. We treat such crimes far more indulgently and attack them
far less aggressively.

Dare I suggest that the three might get the punishment they deserve in the US
(if indeed they do deserve punishment).

Of course it’s silly that the US has not ratified the treaty that has seen
the three, who are wanted on Enron-related charges, extradited. The US should
pass the law, or we should ditch it on our side.

But to work ourselves into such a frenzy over three bankers being accused of
very serious offences seems absolute nonsense to me.

Alex Hawkes is a senior reporter at Accountancy Age

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