Sage contract problems

As our licence expired on 24 April then our last day to give notice would have been 23 January.

During January, like many other firms, we were so busy dealing with clients’ 1999 tax returns, we did not have time to seriously sit down and review the small print in our contract. We are now faced with a bill for £5,650 which is payable for a licence up to the 25 April 2001.

I am surprised that a company the size of Sage would force a customer to continue paying for a software licence that they no longer require. We resent having to pay £5,650 additional fee but it appears that there is little we can do other than let our experience be known so other practitioners do not fall into the same trap.

On a happier note, we have now changed to a supplier whose software we prefer and whose terms appear perfectly reasonable by comparison.

Have any other practitioners had a similar experience with Sage?

Peter Lavelle

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