Headstart: E-business

Eduardo Loigorri is managing director of Exchequer Software. When he is not busy running the Bournemouth-based accounting software vendor, he enjoys a spot of ceroc – a ‘modern partner dancing’, described as a mix between jive and salsa. Despite all this, Loigorri claims he is only happy when working. If he stayed in the office at least he might avoid getting a slipped disc …


Early start; I was working on an ongoing development review of a new module for Enterprise by 7.15am. A few hours later we had a product managers’ briefing. Then it was time to visit an old customer to talk about upgrading an aging DOS system. I stayed on and enjoyed a BBQ with him, only to spend most of the evening rebuilding his home computer.


In London for a BASDA general council meeting. As usual, lots to discuss but it was productive. It’s good to get together with the other members.


Spent today interviewing for a new developer but still found time to carry on with development work on the new module. In the evening I took time off to go ceroc dancing. This is a new-found passion, but I seem to have more enthusiasm than skill.


Programming day for the new module, so I spent most of the day working on it. Visited the chiropractor to sort out a slipped disc but was ready by the evening to meet up with off-roading friends. We discussed our next 4×4 event, in October over Salisbury Plain.


Picked up a brand new BMW, then drove it to an all-day meeting with one of our key customers. After that, I checked out the cycle route for a sponsored bike ride I am doing. Arrived home exhausted. But I am sure it’s worth it, unless it kills me first.


The Exchequer All Stars Team were in action at the Dorset Rounders Championship.

I spent the day umpiring, which certainly beat running round in the heat!


My sporting weekend continued with an off-roading competition in Minehead. Lots of mud (even in August) and hairpin bends aplenty, but we did quite well. Then it was down to the pub for recovery.

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