Letters – We are not renegades

I am astounded at David Lermon’s comments (letters, page 13, 24 May) regarding the calling of an emergency general meeting.

The constitution of the ICAEW enshrines the right of members to call an egm to debate issues that are important to them. For another member, who may have contrary views, to call those members ‘renegades’ is totally unacceptable.

Is Lermon suggesting that members are only entitled to the right to call an egm provided that they don’t exercise that right?

I am also concerned over Lermon’s grasp of geography. Don Heady, who organised the requisition, is based in Essex.

I am a member of the West Yorkshire Society and I believe that approximately 200 of my fellow members also signed the requisition.

Perhaps Lermon should purchase a map as well as a book on democracy!

David Lewis, Pudsey.

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