Taking Stock – Inspect-a-gadget.

Regular TS readers will remember a couple of weeks back we brought you news of Sony’s new robot dog Aibo. Well, this week TS brings you news that the market for pointless robot pooches is a tough one, with the latest entrant coming from UK outfit RoboScience and their canned canine RS-01.

Tipping the scales as a heavy weight by comparison, RS-01 could carry a kennel load of Aibos and comes with a pedigree of being able to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ as well as read your emails and understand commands.

In addition RS-01 has drastic consequences for your dress sense, as this publicity shot shows. But hold your horses. RoboScience is only making 200 available initially so this particular mongrel is likely to be more expensive than a truck load of Chum. ?:

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