Teacher’s delight: but do they deserve tax-free loans more than other workers?

There are lots of other low-paid workers who earn less than they do, such as general office staff, shop assistants? Teachers know what they will earn when they enter the profession, and they are not as on the ‘breadline’ as we are lead to believe. As for the long hours, they do not teach solidly for the whole day, which runs from 9am until 3.30 – 4.00pm and course-setting and marking are all part of the job. How many hours do accountants have to work at month end, year end, budget time, etc. etc – often missing lunch.

But we don’t get on our soap box and moan at every opportunity. Let’s not forget the 10+ weeks holiday each year which most of us could never even dream about.

Juliet Hurwitt

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