Letters – Embrace the new structure.

It is to be deplored that a comparatively small group of members in one area of the country should seek to involve the institute (and therefore its members) in such significant expenditure in calling an egm (ICAEW faces members’ revolt, page 1, 10 May).

It should be clear to the renegades that the restructuring represents a very real attempt by the institute to make national services available on a local and consistent basis, and that this is very long overdue.

Speaking as a business member who has been active in his district society for 15 years, I can hardly wait for the changes to take effect so those of us who are a long way from Moorgate Place – in more ways than one – can benefit from professional motivated staff who will provide a two-way link between the institute and its membership.

This has not been achieved so far and is unlikely to be achieved with pressure on volunteer time and administrators who vary in dedication, expertise and enthusiasm. The restructuring promises to be a significant improvement for the membership in general, and we should embrace it wholeheartedly.

The district societies have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

David Lermon, Cardiff Pull the other one, Tenon.

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