A brave new world at rebranded BDO

So goodbye Messrs Stoy and Hayward. It’s plain old BDO from now on. The Stoy
name has existed since Fred Stoy formed a firm in 1903, and was joined by Jack
Hayward 16 years later.

To put it bluntly, the names are consigned to the corporate dustbin along
with Binder Hamlyn, Lybrand, Haskins & Sells and Arthur Andersen. They’ll
only exist on the firm’s history web pages or as footnotes on CVs. BDO is only
following where others have already gone. Deloitte lost the Touche (and gained a
little green dot). KPMG is, well, KPMG. In the mid-tier the so-called
consolidators were ahead of the game when you think of businesses like Tenon.

Many firms like to hang on to the names of their founders. It provides a link
to the past and speaks of continuity, although it not necessarily of quality.
Conversely, it may show they are less than up-to-date and modern? In an economy
that is changing fast, more firms may need to break with the past if they want
to go on doing decent business in the future.

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