TakingStock – Inspect-a-gadget.

You’ve had a long day in the office, tussled with a client who thinks you’re charging too much, the managing partner is on your back to cut your costs and your trainees barely know their two times table never mind the rules of audit.

What you need is a long hot bath with a bit of radox to ease away the stress. And God forbid you should actually fill the tub yourself and dip your tootsies in to test the temperature.

Orange mobile phones has come up with a solution – a smart bath that fills itself to a predetermined level and adjusts the water temperature automatically while you wallow in soap suds. In the meantime a not so automatic better half can bring you a Pimms. With one of those little umbrellas.

Unfortunately, as practical and attractive as it sounds you can’t get a smart bath yet because Orange has only put one in an experimental home.

TS, however, can see a day when such a gadget will clean up for the first to bring it to market.

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