Taking Stock – The Weakest Link

Not even the accountancy profession, it seems, can escape the biting sarcasm of Anne Robinson, the scary ice maiden of TV quiz shows.

TS cowered behind the sofa last week after discovering one of the contestants on her show, The Weakest Link, was an accountant, a 24-year-old from Leeds, called Raza.

Our hero survived the first few rounds, missing out on being voted out by fellow contestants until the final four could take no more. When asked by the evil quizmistress how many questions he had got wrong, Raza took his life in his hands and boldly replied: ‘You tell me.’ She replied: ‘Raza you’re an accountant. I hope none of your clients are watching as you can’t count and need a calculator. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.’

Harsh words indeed.

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